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A production inspired by Western Sydney drill but with a super melodic bed and pop structure. Lends itself to either singing or rap vocals - or both! Featuring electric guitar work and some production elements from Gabriel Paris. Instant delivery of multitracks.


All prices listed are in $AUD. Once purchased instrumentals will be no longer available so act fast if you want this song!

Intro | Verse 1 | Prechorus 1 | Chorus 1 | Verse 2 | Prechorus 2 | Chorus 2 | Bridge | Chorus 3 

All multitracks delivered upon purchase. 

If you would like me to be involved with any of the following you can add services in the cart:
- Vocal Tracking and Production (Sydney based)
- Mixdown
- Additional Production

Licence Terms: 

  • Purchase grants exclusive rights
  • Jordan Leonard and Gabriel Dunn must be credited for production on all metadata, sleeves, labels and card inlays of all Records comprising a Recording.

JL x Gabriel Paris - Blame [152bpm Drill Inspired Beat]

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